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Ball Point

Ball points are a popular choice because of the retractable tip, which reduces the chance that you'll write on something you didn't mean to. Depending on the pen style, the tip opens and closes either by rotating the base or clicking the button at the top. Ball point pens are the least likely to leak. 


Roller Ball

Many people love the smooth feel of a roller ball. It is similar to a ball point except that it uses a free-flowing water-based ink. Roller ball pens don't retract, so they come with a cap that protects your clothes and keeps the ink from drying at the tip. 


Fountain Pen

Your great-grandparents needed to dip their fountain pens into an inkwell after every few letters! Today, the classic writing instrument contains its own ink that is stored in a reservoir inside the pen. The fountain pen is a great choice for the discerning professional or as a special keepsake.  


Inlay Pens

Most inlay pens produced by Signature Pen are Ballpoints unless noted otherwise.  The body of these Inlay Pens display an image or design that was meticulously cut from naturally colored or dyed woods using precision lasers to accuracies of ±0.001”. Some inlays contain over 50+ pieces and most are assembled like a jigsaw puzzle on a miniature scale.  These pens include subjects such as animals, dog breeds, professions, hobbies, sports, musical instruments/themes, flowers, military branches, geometric designs and other miscellaneous items.  If you don’t see what you need, just ask, Signature Pen is known for its custom crafted pens. 

Themed Pens

These are pens whose metal components exhibit a particular theme or subject matter.  For example the Cat themed pen features an end cap with a sleeping cat sculpted into a woven basket with the kitty’s tail hanging down and serving as the pen clip. The center band is wrapped with silhouettes of cat caricatures and the pen tip is engraved with a playful pattern of cat paw prints with rope trim. Other themed pens include music, boating, fishing, cards, yoga, dogs, technology, fire arms and heritage.  Some of the pen's themes are further enhanced with bodies made from wood inlays.


Your wooden Signature Pen uses metal for the tip, clip, center band and trim. You can choose from a large assortment of metals, each with its own color, luster, and durability.   


Metals used to make pen components come in a wide variety offering a range of appearance, feel and wear resistance.  Selecting the most appropriate metal for a pen can be confusing.  For this reason a number of available metals used to plate pen components are discussed below.  Metals are discussed in order of wear resistance (WR) with 5 being exceptional and 1 being the lowest.


Rhodium/Platinum Series (WR – 5)

This is an extremely durable and brilliant precious metal, typically costing around $2,000 per troy ounce.  This is the material of choice for the highest quality pens manufactured today.

Titanium/Gold and Black (WR – 5)

This material provides excellent wear resistance at a slightly lower cost than Rhodium.  While not as bright as Rhodium it provides very interesting hues with various woods used to make the pen body.

Chrome and Gun Metal (WR – 4)

Both materials provide great wear resistance.  Chrome provides a rich shinny look while Gun Metal provides a more subdued coloration that provides a professional and intriguing appearance.

10kt Gold (WR – 3.5)

 24kt Gold by has a brilliant shine but has fairly low wear resistance of approximately 1.5.  To provide a Gold coating with the near brilliance of 24kt Gold, 10kt Gold is blended with nickel to provide a durable and affordable coating.

Satin Finishes (WR – 2.5)

Satin finishes are produced using a tailored process that produces a slightly textured matte finish.  This finish provides a very pleasing combination of feel and looks.

Black Chrome (WR – 2)

This soft sheen finish works well with lighter woods that have black grains or highlighting.   

Copper (WR – 2)

Copper provides a unique combination of warmth and beauty.  Copper is a relatively soft metal and is normally coated with an epoxy outer layer to provide pen components with improved wear resistance.

24kt Gold (WR – 3)

As discussed above 24kt Gold is a relatively soft metal and by itself does not wear well.  For pen application 24kt Gold components are coated with a clear epoxy to provide significantly improved wear properties.


Pen Finish

All Signature Pens are finished using a cyanoacrylate (CA) finish.  This finish provides a high gloss sheen that has a glass like quality.  It is very durable and maintains it sheen for years and years.  All pens are coated with a minimum of 10 layers of CA and then wet sanded to 12,000 mesh to obtain an ultra-smooth, shiny and durable finish.  Special precautions are also taken during the finishing process to not release any toxic vapors into the environment.  This is done by using a vacuum system that passes the CA vapors through an activated charcoal fabric to absorb all of the CA vapors.  Once the CA has cured the finish is non-hazardous, durable and impressive.   



Pen Facts

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